Dear You Scarves

Dear You Scarves


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Our Dear You Collection values expressions conveyed through the art of letter writing. As such, this scarf offers an unexpected gifting experience that captures the careful effort and anticipation of sending and receiving a thoughtful note. The Dear You Scarf comes in a versatile color to be worn out and about for everyday use, including family photos and other special occasions. Written with love and packaged for unforgettable gifting, this scarf shares the sweet sentiment. Gift the Dear You Scarf for Mother's Day, birthdays, holidays and other heartfelt occasions.

Journey: “Love on your journey the journey you're on isn’t always easy…but you’re never traveling alone. You are surrounded, always, by the wishes and hopes of all the people who love you. Wrap yourself up tightly in their love…”

Mom: “Love You, Mom you’ve taught us so much. You taught us how kindest is courageous. You taught us it’s okay to cry, or to be a shoulder to cry on.”

Friend: “Forever Friends I love how sometimes we can shared a long, meaningful conversation…while saying nothing at all. I love how, when I’m in need, you never ask how, where or why… you’re just there no matter what. Usually with Wine”

Sister: “Love you, sister through mud puddles and blanket forts, good grades and bad dates, graduations and life changes. Through thick and thin, from the beginning and every step of the way. You’ve always been there, at my side, watching…”